The proof of love

February 27, 2013 5:11 pm

I think that God is very happy about the great Saints who “believed Love”. Thay heard it, accepted it and laid their lives for it.

But I am very happy that He remembers also about the people who are not so great. Those who look up to Him every now and and ask “Do you love me?”. And this thought has really struck me – that during every Holy Mass He takes the effort  to repeat it when His offer of the Cross is repeated. I have loved you so much. I am dying because of love for you. I am unable to express this love more strongly. 

And then He comes in a palpable way, as food that saves our life, to repeat all of this once again.

I am so grateful that He is not weary of ensuring us about His love and that there are chaplains who are not tired of talking about it. I can only say that the listeners are never tired and that the hunger for this truth never comes to an end.


He's coming to be a Gift

February 26, 2013 4:42 pm

I state this with certainty, looking ath the face of our little Son. I could do it for hours on end.  :-) .

There has been so much joy and emotions for the two weeks. How much peace and gentleness such a Little One can bring into family, He can extract so much good and warmth from the family members. Though so small and helpless, He influences us so strongly – if only because whoever looks at him, smiles.

And he does not only come to take from us, although I must admit that taking care of such a baby is rather difficult. But when we remember that a child is above all a blessing, all other things come more easily…


One year with you!

February 23, 2013 8:50 pm

I wonder which of you remembers this post:

It was published one year ago, on Feb 23th, 2012. It arrived to Father Jaroslaw to the local seat of the editing team in the following form:


Why was it written on a napkin? Just because we knew perfectly from the very beginning what a blog was. Blog in literature does not occupy any prominent place, It is written “incidentally” and with anything that comes handy. Hence, it is close to people and everyday life. But it also helps to write simply and gives a very personal touch to this writing.

We check every day whether writing is “close to people”, throughout all the 274 notes published until today. We dream of course that the Reader who comes to the Harbour sad, leaves this place with a smile. If they come tired, they should leave inspired.

Thank you very much for being with us for the entire year. Although we write this blog passionately and the blog writes on us, too, without readers it would all be pretty useless. Let us know what we could do better. And if you want to drop us a line, here’s our address.

M on behalf of the editing team

Pots of clay

February 21, 2013 7:14 pm

It is about all of us. And each of carries a treasure within.

Moses was chosen to speak to the Pharaoh. And he stuttered. Peter was impulsive. Thomas was distrustful, very critical, he was afraid of the rain even on a sunny day. The Sons of Thunder would have preferred the use of force, etc.

And still God doesn’t mind. It is this way so that He can show His great strength and not we.

We are so easy to hurt, touch, harm. We feel so easily offended.

Lent is the time when we need to believe Love, that we are loved just we are. We are not created as metal or iron pots that do not fear a fall from a height, that do not have  to cry over spilt milk because they are strong.

He wants us to to be fragile, delicate, vulnerable. He wants us go to through through life, concentrated on every, even the smallest piece of love.

She is quiet and delicate. She wakes up at every movement of the child. She is happy with every smile and every sign of love. She will justify, explain, save everything.

Father Jarosław

Rich in everything

February 20, 2013 5:19 pm

My daughter is in a football ream with a girl who hasn’t got one hand. She’s doing really fine. She plays fantastic. All of them seem the happiest people in the world, when I look at a fragment of the workout.

Sometimes we think that if we haven’t got something, have lost it or it has been taken from us – it is our curse. “We lived in poverty, we couldn’t afford anything”,  “the father never talked to me”, “I was the smallest in the class”, or “I have been used”. But deficiencies may be a powerful driving force. “I did not have many things, but I learned Spanish on my own”. “I talk a lot with my son so that he has better memories than I have”. “I was small, but the fastest runner”. “I shall never use another person”.

These are only examples. You are who you are thanks to what you have been given. But your uniqueness and beauty also result from all that you didn’t get. And you have so much more richness – yes, in the “failure” and “suffering” compartment – which you can use once it’s been healed and changed, and employ as your greatest talent, your personal gift.


Empty House

February 17, 2013 2:58 pm

How very different is the House which was for 10 days since morning until late evening (the longest working day finished at 00.30) so full of life. Now the corridors are empty, there are no people in the rooms and there’s no-one in our small, nice cafe.

But there are memories. The chapel is still full of prayers left by the participants of the courses, the rooms are filled with words that have not yet died away, the corridors echo countless conversations and consultations.

It’s so good to have been part of it. Many people said – this was a real retreat, we leave strengthened (although dog-tired), it’s pity it’s the end… 

We were bound by something important. Each of us could, through the example of others, believe in love again, because love comes on so many paths, in so many ways.When there’s love, it gives strength for everything.

I wish you a good Sunday so that you won’t forget that it’s given us to find each other, to get closer to each other than every day, to look for love in places  different than every day.

With my warm support

Fr Jay

The last day

February 16, 2013 8:07 pm

is not only the day of farewells, this time until we-don’t-know-when and we-don’t know-where but also the day of exams, so in the Institute we have an atmosphere of reflection and solemnity. Because of the written and oral exams and presentations the students were divided into small groups:  Educators, Practitioners, Medical Consultants and  Double Programme participants.

And besides – we care for each other, support each other and consult quickly. It’s exams’ time after all…

Archbishop Henryk Hoser, who visited us today and held the Holy Mass, explored with us at depth NaPro  both as a doctor and a theologian. We needed this very much. We will gladly publish the sermon once it is published. And now we come back to work because there’s s still a lot to do. See you tomorrow.

I always remember you warmly.

Father Jarosław

A typical beginning of the day

February 15, 2013 10:55 am

Just before eight o’clock life in our Institute quickens its pace. In the lecture hall, the computer has already been connected to the multimedia projector which is showing the first slide of the presentation. Dr Hilgers, standing with the mocrophone, is ready to start the lecture. Faculty members are in place, and the students are filling the hall. In a while there will be a common prayer at the beginning of the day. In contemporary lingua franca – in English. Those who can’t speak English – pray in their own language, so sometimes you get the impression we’re praying in tongues.

As soon as the lecture hall door shuts,  participants’ children appear in the lobby outside – with their fathers or baby sitters. It’s another opportunity to meet and exchange experience.

Today it’s similar, though a bit different. There is one husband who came with his wife, but without the kids (the’ye been left with their grandparents). He takes part only in the Mass and some of the lectures.

After the prayer, he sat down at a small table and opened the Bible. He became engrossed in his reading. When I came back, he was still praying. Next to him was the I-Pad. There will be a time for checking the mailbox, “what’s on the news in the politics”, maybe something more… But first – the meeting with the word spoken by God. It’s also the way to “believe Love.” Who can tell you about it better, after all?

With loving memory of you,

Fr Jay

The first word: THANK YOU

February 15, 2013 12:03 am


Such an arrival in the world obliges to thanks. In the hospital they said that it was a perfect birth. Numberless text messages in overflowing mobiles of the parents show that many people gave us their kindness and supported us with prayer. What’s more, it turned out that those prayers flew to the Giver of life in different languages. In such circumstances you can have a perfect labour, I recommend it.

So once again: THANK YOU.
Michał (the reader must find out which one 😉 )

I’ll be your Valentine

February 14, 2013 6:34 pm


Love is not a teddy bear or flowers
Neither love when one is crying
and the other jumping
Love is no movie in any cinema
roses or kisses, small or large.
But love – when one is falling down,
the other pulls them upwards.

Happysad Before I go

It is a pop song but the words seemed to me and my Husband a bit of an essence.