A typical beginning of the day

February 15, 2013 10:55 am

Just before eight o’clock life in our Institute quickens its pace. In the lecture hall, the computer has already been connected to the multimedia projector which is showing the first slide of the presentation. Dr Hilgers, standing with the mocrophone, is ready to start the lecture. Faculty members are in place, and the students are filling the hall. In a while there will be a common prayer at the beginning of the day. In contemporary lingua franca – in English. Those who can’t speak English – pray in their own language, so sometimes you get the impression we’re praying in tongues.

As soon as the lecture hall door shuts,  participants’ children appear in the lobby outside – with their fathers or baby sitters. It’s another opportunity to meet and exchange experience.

Today it’s similar, though a bit different. There is one husband who came with his wife, but without the kids (the’ye been left with their grandparents). He takes part only in the Mass and some of the lectures.

After the prayer, he sat down at a small table and opened the Bible. He became engrossed in his reading. When I came back, he was still praying. Next to him was the I-Pad. There will be a time for checking the mailbox, “what’s on the news in the politics”, maybe something more… But first – the meeting with the word spoken by God. It’s also the way to “believe Love.” Who can tell you about it better, after all?

With loving memory of you,

Fr Jay

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