Empty House

February 17, 2013 2:58 pm

How very different is the House which was for 10 days since morning until late evening (the longest working day finished at 00.30) so full of life. Now the corridors are empty, there are no people in the rooms and there’s no-one in our small, nice cafe.

But there are memories. The chapel is still full of prayers left by the participants of the courses, the rooms are filled with words that have not yet died away, the corridors echo countless conversations and consultations.

It’s so good to have been part of it. Many people said – this was a real retreat, we leave strengthened (although dog-tired), it’s pity it’s the end… 

We were bound by something important. Each of us could, through the example of others, believe in love again, because love comes on so many paths, in so many ways.When there’s love, it gives strength for everything.

I wish you a good Sunday so that you won’t forget that it’s given us to find each other, to get closer to each other than every day, to look for love in places  different than every day.

With my warm support

Fr Jay

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