Rich in everything

February 20, 2013 5:19 pm

My daughter is in a football ream with a girl who hasn’t got one hand. She’s doing really fine. She plays fantastic. All of them seem the happiest people in the world, when I look at a fragment of the workout.

Sometimes we think that if we haven’t got something, have lost it or it has been taken from us – it is our curse. “We lived in poverty, we couldn’t afford anything”,  “the father never talked to me”, “I was the smallest in the class”, or “I have been used”. But deficiencies may be a powerful driving force. “I did not have many things, but I learned Spanish on my own”. “I talk a lot with my son so that he has better memories than I have”. “I was small, but the fastest runner”. “I shall never use another person”.

These are only examples. You are who you are thanks to what you have been given. But your uniqueness and beauty also result from all that you didn’t get. And you have so much more richness – yes, in the “failure” and “suffering” compartment – which you can use once it’s been healed and changed, and employ as your greatest talent, your personal gift.


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