The proof of love

February 27, 2013 5:11 pm

I think that God is very happy about the great Saints who “believed Love”. Thay heard it, accepted it and laid their lives for it.

But I am very happy that He remembers also about the people who are not so great. Those who look up to Him every now and and ask “Do you love me?”. And this thought has really struck me – that during every Holy Mass He takes the effort  to repeat it when His offer of the Cross is repeated. I have loved you so much. I am dying because of love for you. I am unable to express this love more strongly. 

And then He comes in a palpable way, as food that saves our life, to repeat all of this once again.

I am so grateful that He is not weary of ensuring us about His love and that there are chaplains who are not tired of talking about it. I can only say that the listeners are never tired and that the hunger for this truth never comes to an end.



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