FamilyCare Centers

Our FamilyCare Centers are the places where:

  • Program 1: I+YOU=WE is presented on a regular basis (once, twice a year or more)
  • Ongoing formation for couples is possible through Homework circulation and monthly meetings (preferably with a priest)
  • We have a group of Certified Coach Couples (and available trainings for future coaches)
  • The subsequent parts of the “Love and Life Programs” are available as well (Program 2: WE+FAMILY, Program 3: OUR FAMILY+SOCIETY, Program 4: I+GOD, other parts in development)”

Lomianki, Poland

Agnieszka i Mariusz Rogalscy [email protected]

Wroclaw, Poland

Malgorzata and Andrzej Rybak
[email protected]

Brussels, Belgium

Agnieszka and Rafal Buczkowscy

Glasgow, Scotland

Anna and Armin Solecki
[email protected]

Hastings, NE, USA

Blair and Mark Driscoll
[email protected]

Omaha, Nebraska, USA

Kevin and Lisa Ciecior [email protected]

Mexico City, Mexico

Juan Manuel y Marychu González
[email protected]

Bogotá, Colombia

Ana Ramirez and Pablo Nieto
[email protected]