FamilyCare Centers

Our FamilyCare Centers are the places where:

  • Program 1: I+YOU=WE is presented on a regular basis (once, twice a year or more)
  • Ongoing formation for couples is possible through Homework circulation and monthly meetings (preferably with a priest)
  • We have a group of Certified Coach Couples (and available trainings for future coaches)
  • The subsequent parts of the “Love and Life Programs” are available as well (Program 2: WE+FAMILY, Program 3: OUR FAMILY+SOCIETY, Program 4: I+GOD, other parts in development)”

Lomianki, Poland

Agnieszka i Mariusz Rogalscy

Wroclaw, Poland

Malgorzata and Andrzej Rybak

Brussels, Belgium

Agnieszka and Rafal Buczkowscy

Glasgow, Scotland

Anna and Armin Solecki

Hastings, NE, USA

Blair and Mark Driscoll

Omaha, Nebraska, USA

Kevin and Lisa Ciecior

Mexico City, Mexico

Juan Manuel y Marychu González

Bogotá, Colombia

Ana Ramirez and Pablo Nieto