About Us

The Family Support Foundation was established in 1997 to:

  • Help couples and families to discover and develop their unique potential for love and life
  • Inspire couples and families to foster their relationships in a genuine and creative way to strengthen their bonds and prepare them to face the challenges of contemporary world
  • Assist couples and families in crisis and empower them to deal with future problems
  • Prepare couples to help other families
  • Cooperate with FertilityCare Professionals and NaProTechnology environment in building the culture of love and life
  • Create and publish resources which inspire personal development

Our History

Meet the Team

Fr. Jarosław Szymczak


Known outside Poland as “Fr. Jay” or “Padre J.” Born in 1962 in Bydgoszcz, Poland. Ordained a priest in 1985. In 1986 he became member of the Institute of the Holy Family – a Secular Institute of Consecrated Life. Doctor of theology on marriage and the family. Since 1987 he has worked as a lecturer at the Faculty for Studies on the Family at Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński University in Łomianki/Warsaw.

All his life as a priest has been devoted to families, confession and spiritual direction of spouses. His commitment to marriage counseling won him the nickname of “the Rescuer of Married Couples,” as he often becomes the last resort to which the couples in crisis turn for help.

Co-originator of the “Love and Life Programs” – Programs for the Development of Marital Relations and Marriage Preparation Course, offering a dynamic workshop form in which he shares the decades of experience in the area of marriage counselling.

Friend and guide for many couples and families.

Chaplain to the World Congress of Families and to the gynecologists from the Catholic Association of Polish Doctors. He has cooperated for years with Dr. Thomas Hilgers – American doctor and developer of the science of NaProTECHNOLOGY. Member of the Board of Directors of FertlityCare Centers International.

Agnieszka Rogalska

Program's Co-Author and Worker

Born in 1978. Happily married since 2006 and mother of three children. She lives with her family in Warsaw, Poland.
She graduated (MA) from the Faculty for Studies on the Family at Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński University in Łomianki/Warsaw.

She has worked for the Family Support Foundation ever since 2002. Since 2008 she co-authored five (out of the planned nine) consecutive Programs for the Development of Marital Relation, Program for Fiancés Gaudium et Spes, the cycle for students Personalist Foundations for Love in Marriage, and many others. Fascinated with the personalist thought of St. Karol Wojtyła/John Paul II (as a philosopher, ethicist, theologist and poet), she keeps on exploring his ideas and translating them into the language of everyday practice.

Co-founder of a Catholic dating portal Przeznaczeni.pl. She has published on its websites many texts on the beauty of human love.
With her husband, Mariusz Rogalski (degree in Philosophy), they have been coaches during the workshop part of the Programs. They have also supported the Warsaw Archdiocese in adopting the Program for Fiancés Gaudium et Spes as the officially accepted and recommended marriage preparation course.

Their home is full of bookshelves and books as well as conversations and friends, who find a warm welcome, cheerfulness and advice for many of their problems.

Currently she also teaches students at the Faculty for Studies on the Family at Cardinal Wyszyński University.

Agnieszka Dowejko


She graduated from the Academy of Catholic Theology in Cracow (MA in the Family Science), and specialized in theology of spirituality at Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński University in Warsaw. A graduate of the Polish Academy of Accounting. A member of the Secular Institute of Consecrated Life of the Holy Family and its Chief Accountant.

In the Family Support Foundation she is responsible for the book-keeping and administration, and coordinates the organization of “Love and Life Programs” in Warsaw. She has worked with married couples for many years, assisting them in their formation.

Anna and Armin Soleccy

Volunteer Co-Workers

Parents of two children, living in Glasgow, Scotland. Our graphic designers and IT consultants, thanks to whom the graphic side of the Foundation’s activities (including this webpage) has been made possible. Graduates of the Love and Life Programs, and a coach couple in Polish and English. They hold responsibility for the FamilyCare Center in Glasgow.

Priests who cooperate with Love and Life Programs