One year with you!

February 23, 2013 8:50 pm

I wonder which of you remembers this post:

It was published one year ago, on Feb 23th, 2012. It arrived to Father Jaroslaw to the local seat of the editing team in the following form:


Why was it written on a napkin? Just because we knew perfectly from the very beginning what a blog was. Blog in literature does not occupy any prominent place, It is written “incidentally” and with anything that comes handy. Hence, it is close to people and everyday life. But it also helps to write simply and gives a very personal touch to this writing.

We check every day whether writing is “close to people”, throughout all the 274 notes published until today. We dream of course that the Reader who comes to the Harbour sad, leaves this place with a smile. If they come tired, they should leave inspired.

Thank you very much for being with us for the entire year. Although we write this blog passionately and the blog writes on us, too, without readers it would all be pretty useless. Let us know what we could do better. And if you want to drop us a line, here’s our address.

M on behalf of the editing team


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