The last day

February 16, 2013 8:07 pm

is not only the day of farewells, this time until we-don’t-know-when and we-don’t know-where but also the day of exams, so in the Institute we have an atmosphere of reflection and solemnity. Because of the written and oral exams and presentations the students were divided into small groups:  Educators, Practitioners, Medical Consultants and  Double Programme participants.

And besides – we care for each other, support each other and consult quickly. It’s exams’ time after all…

Archbishop Henryk Hoser, who visited us today and held the Holy Mass, explored with us at depth NaPro  both as a doctor and a theologian. We needed this very much. We will gladly publish the sermon once it is published. And now we come back to work because there’s s still a lot to do. See you tomorrow.

I always remember you warmly.

Father Jarosław


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