Pots of clay

February 21, 2013 7:14 pm

It is about all of us. And each of carries a treasure within.

Moses was chosen to speak to the Pharaoh. And he stuttered. Peter was impulsive. Thomas was distrustful, very critical, he was afraid of the rain even on a sunny day. The Sons of Thunder would have preferred the use of force, etc.

And still God doesn’t mind. It is this way so that He can show His great strength and not we.

We are so easy to hurt, touch, harm. We feel so easily offended.

Lent is the time when we need to believe Love, that we are loved just we are. We are not created as metal or iron pots that do not fear a fall from a height, that do not have  to cry over spilt milk because they are strong.

He wants us to to be fragile, delicate, vulnerable. He wants us go to through through life, concentrated on every, even the smallest piece of love.

She is quiet and delicate. She wakes up at every movement of the child. She is happy with every smile and every sign of love. She will justify, explain, save everything.

Father Jarosław

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