We're on the Island,

March 1, 2013 11:13 am

being ripped off our continental habits.

David Kirk, Louise’s Husband, was so kind to come and pick us up from Manchester Airport.

After a 40-minutes’ drive – getting this strange feeling that we’re on the wrong side of the carriageway – we arrive at a beautiful farmhouse, dating back to the 16th century in its oldest part. Being welcomed in such a place gives us an extraordinary feeling.

At dinner we meet Tom, a friend of David’s from the times of his study at Oxford University. He is the editor of Louise’s book on educating children in sexuality, which will be launched tomorrow during the conference.

We could go on talking till the morning, but our better judgement tells us to go to our rooms. For us it is already 1 o’clock a.m. (local time is 1h ahead of Poland). It’s been a very intense day, and we should expect tomorrow to be even more busy.

We commend ourselves to your prayer,

Your English correspondent,

Fr. Jay

(with Margaret from our blog team and her Husband Andrew)

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