Varekai – Wherever

November 15, 2013 9:20 pm

We came back from the Mexican village earlier than planned. Everyone wanted to have a moment of rest. The kind hosts probably also enjoyed a moment of peace:) We came back to work, meaning; important meetings, but I’ll come back to it later.

Today I’d like to share with you a unique experience, something I dreamt of ever since I saw for the first time the Cirque de Soleil in San Diego, in the Oceanarium. I didn’t know then that this Cirque was an incredible group touring the world and showing its performances, so I dreamt of seeing them again. For the time being I had to be content myself with watching their shows or fragments thereof on YouTube. I recommend them to you to see in your spare time.

And it turned out that they were here, in Mexico, with the show entitled “Verekai – Wherever”. Good people, when they heard my joy that the Cirque was here, took care of the tickets and so I could see the show live, an unforgettable experience.

This was a mixture of fairytale stories, costumes beyond imagination and choreography with live music played on stage. The actors controlled their bodies perfectly and all this meant that the show was truly unforgettable.

It’s difficult to say what was the most impressive element – acrobats on the rope without any safety measures, flawless jugglery or perfectly supple bodies? Each of these things was extraordinary but for me the most impressive thing were the exploits of acrobats – not only individual performance but team effort – so that one person thrown in the air landed precisely on the arms of colleagues. The joy of people who are happy to go beyond the limits of the possible.

Probably none of the watchers will start practising at home but we will not be able to say so easily that something is impossible because these people show us that if you really want something, it is possible.

Remembering you

Padre J.

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