To see the world with the eyes of a child

June 14, 2013 7:37 pm

One mother told me about the great joy she experienced when she saw her youngest sons’ reaction to the view of the sea. They were so shocked and so moved, that they were not able to find any proper form to express rupture. They ran back and forth between the water and their Mum. And then they saw the ships on the sea – and again were thrilled.

Thanks to children we are given the chance to experience again the joy of things we’ve got used to.

This is the truth taken straight from the Gospel: “Unless you become like little children…”

Reatreat is also the time to feel again the thrill of things that have become ordinary and known. To refresh the way we look at each other and to use simple gestures – which maybe only need to be aired with the wind from the sea.

Remembering you in my heart,

Fr Jay

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