There is always hope

October 25, 2014 9:01 am

“There once was a person who had a fig tree planted in his orchard, and when he came in search of fruit on it but found none, he said to the gardener, ‘For three years now I have come in search of fruit on this fig tree but have found none.
So cut it down. Why should it exhaust the soil?’ He said to him in reply, ‘Sir, leave it for this year also, and I shall cultivate the ground around it and fertilize it; it may bear fruit in the future. If not you can cut it down.’” (Lk 13: 6-9)

God is patient, He can wait; and also He knows that we need help from others–gardener said: “I shall cultivate the ground around it and fertilize it.” Like our Programs. We just cultivate the ground around the tree of marriage and help couples fertilize it; we show them how to bear fruit. Simple steps and support for the soil, to help them open their eyes and see a bigger perspective…

“I take no pleasure in the death of the wicked man, says the Lord, but rather in his conversation that he may live.” (Gospel Acclamation)

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