The window to the world

May 9, 2013 2:32 pm

My stay in New Zealand begins with a small acclimatiziation. Last night, even though I was awaked by a cloudburst, I tried not to get entirely out of sleep and I kept trying to get back to it, explaining to myself that here I am on holiday and I should get some rest.  It’s the first morning in many weeks when I don’t need to be in a hurry.

Today – the highlight is my youngest Sister’s Birthday. Round anniversary, so even more special. Today I’m also going to have my cassock cleaned – it got a bit worn-out from travelling. I should also buy some warm clothes, because I didn’t manage to pack my suitcase for all seasons of the year. And here it’s November-like weather. When I was leaving Poland, the snow on the Warsaw pavements stayed behind. I landed in the middle of hot summer in between, and now it’s already autumn. Time passes by so quickly. I only must have lost the spring somewhere on the way. 🙁

But the first objective of today was to visit Lord Jesus present in Eucharist. Today, as on every Thursday, in one of the local parishes there is the exposition of the Holy Sacrament. So we turn up for adoration.


The church on the top of the hill has in it a window located right behind the altar. From that window you’ve got the view of the whole vicinity.

It’s the first time I’ve seen such an idea for the chancel design. You have to look at the world outside through the Altar and Lord Jeusus. As if He didn’t want to stop our sight just on Himself, but invited us to see the world through His eyes. The Church is not the place of flight from the “bad” world, but the place where we learn to see the world from the right perspective.

I liked it here a lot. I was happy to stay here and adore the Holy Sacrament. I didn’t feel like leaving this place.

For tomorrow I’ve scheduled a day of prayer and reflection. Until the evening, because then I’ll celebrate the Mass and give a talk to the local Polish community. But before that, I want to spend some time face to face with Lord Jesus. I need it after so many meetings with people. I need to tell Him about all that happened. And this possibility of seeing the world through the Lord – inspired me greatly.

Remembering you always,

ks. Jarosław

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