The house full of silence

June 21, 2013 6:15 pm

Retreat participants have left. The retreat is over. The house for a while returns to its natural silence. Of course, intense housework keeps going on, as in a few days another group will turn up, consisting of several times as many families, and all the rooms will have to be ready. But it is not work that keeps this place alive. It is the chapel and its silence. Even though the sounds from different parts of the house and from the outside reach this place, this special kind of silence prevails. The heart of the house is here.

Today during the evening Adoration I prayed for those who were here and for those who will come here before long. How many beautiful meetings this place will witness, how many moments and hours spent on peaceful gazing at the One, who is waiting.

It does not matter how busy you are, you may always pay Him a visit, even for a tiny moment, closing your eyes and travelling in your mind to the chapel. Or greeting Him from your car, when you’re driving past the church.

He is waiting for us everywhere. And He wants to listen to you. And to tell you that He loves you. Very much. He loves you most in the whole wide world.

From Wisełka

Fr Jay

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