The Gateway Arch – St. Louis…

April 25, 2013 8:15 pm

– the place where the West begins. Here all the expeditions to the West began, here families got their supplies for the journey, here the adventure begins.

To commemorate this place and this part of history, this monument was built, presented on May 25, 1968.

I’ve been here before and I’ve written about it in the blog. Then I found out that it was possible to get to the very top. So this year I decided to seize the opportunity and go to the summit between the planned meetings.

The view is indeed breathtaking. It’s difficult to put all the photos I made but it is very impressive. And I think tghat only man can do things that are of no use use other then to commemorate a historical event.

Now, after the visit to Arch, I’m thinking about all the homes where I slept and sat to the table together. There are always so many details, trinkets etc. that are of no practical use but they serve only to underline the special character of the meeting. Those flowers, decorations, tablecloths, serviettes…

It’s so important to celebrate veryday life as it transposes us into a new dimension. St. Therese wrote about the infinite dimension of small (finite) things.

Let’s celebrate everyday life because it leads us to eternity.
Still from St. Louis

Fr Jay


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