Pre-marathon Fever Begins

November 23, 2012 11:51 pm

Today I’m flying to Florence. I’ll have to change planes once. It’s easy to say who’s flying to the marathon. Those people are wearing sports outfit, worn-out running shoes and their bodies point to some sort of regular physical activity. We recognize each other quite easily at the airport. Sometimes nodding your head is eanough (we’re from the same “branch,” so words are useless), sometimes you hear a distinct “good luck”.

Each of us hopes to win. To win your life record, to win your weakness, to run using your head, keep the strategy and… experience that incredible joy at the finish line – the reward for all the toil.

And the fever I’ve mentioned? As usual I start feeling pain in all parts of my body and what dawns on me is actally the fear of the distance (42.195 km!!!). So I’m asking myself: will i make it? the question returns in all shapes and forms. Time will tell. The day after tomorrow.

Your Guardian Angels would me more than welcome on the way. Because all those marathons of mine – are offered for you, Dear Families, so that you can make it till the end, despite the pain, despite the questions if its worth taking the toil… And when your marriage turns 42 years and 195 days, I’ll run another marathon. Because we need you. We need your perseverance over the years and your smile as our paths cross on the running routes – as without you, the world will go astray.

See you at the finish. You can view  this one at My start number is 9755.

Fr Jay

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