perfect Christmas

December 21, 2012 1:18 pm

I’m preparing a list of ideas for “perfect Christmas” for my student of English. I find dozens of ideas in the world wide web “counselling service”. So you can’t do without hand-made home decorations, the Christmas cookbook which will make your dreams come true if you follow the recipes carefully enough – at the end the opus magnum is crowned with the cake topping designed by a celebrity. And you shouldn’t forget about the presents up to $50 and above $50, paying speciall attention to the ideas for gifts for senior memmers of your family.

The shop display reminds me of the necessity of buying dried apples and confectioned fruit – and the shop assistants explain to each other that the shopkeeper raised the prices by 60 % this morning.

In the heat of the queue my make up melts together with the hope of attaining any degree of perfection. And then I wonder if the humanity might do just with a campfire in the woods, roasting bread on it, as they did during the war. And I remember that all the snow of Alaska won’t make a “white Christmas” if we do not share a piece of our hearts and blessing.*

Let there be enough love to decorate Christmas. 🙂


*Bing Crosby


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