On the way again

October 23, 2012 1:56 pm

This time I’m going to have to change twice. I set off on the journey by Amtrak (a train) at 6:30 from Springfield to Chicago. 3.5-hour trip. The ticket collector puts a piece of paper above the seat of each of the passengers. Probably it contains some notes on the destination, because the pieces are of different colours and he collects them every now and then during the journey.

In Chicago there will be a short stop, because even though the flight is scheduled for 18, it takes much longer to get through security. And here I am. It’s 16.45 and theoretically in a half an hour they should start letting us in. Theoretically, because the plane hasn’t arrived yet and we heard on the grapevine that we would be leaving half an hour later. The reason? Nobody knows. What I know is that my time in Munich, where I was to have had one hour for changing planes, has just got radically shorter.

So nobody knows if: 1. I’ll get to Munich, 2. I’ll make it on time to Munich, 3. and if the planes land in Warsaw (thick fog has recently been reported – and cancellation of many flights in).

All of that is of course some portion of adventure that one should experience during such a long journey. Only my students may be disappointed, because I’m expected to arrive for the lecture – and chances are I will, provided that all 3 of the above-mentioned conditions are met. But as you know, I like travelling, so I’m putting up with all those obstacles not only with a smile, but also enthusiastically. Each adventure makes our lives more diverse.

If I don’t write for a couple of days to follow, it means I am nobody knows where. Maybe then our Dear “Harbour” Team will let you know, what’s going on.

See you soon!?

Fr Jay

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