Not my way but especially for you

November 16, 2013 9:42 pm

One day I asked our children to prepare the table for dinner. I expected them to do it the way I normally did it with them. For me it has some importance how the table is made, which napkins are used and whether everything is well placed.

The moment they started I knew they didn’t do it “my way”. I managed not to criticise them but in fact I was a bit intrigued – instead of putting dinner plates first and then soup plates and arranging the cutlery, they put together the complete set for a concrete person in the kitchen, They chose everyone’s favourite plates and cutlery and emerged with a full set and put it on the table.

As a final result we didn’t have the festive tableware but each of us could feel special as each cover said” It’s for you!”.

I felt how great a gift it is to have nearby someone loved and how important it is to say this to my nearest and dearest every day. This experience has become a motivation for me.

Greetings with my favourite mug,


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