Night diving

August 7, 2012 12:03 am

Seems to be the same as any other one, but…

There is something mysterious in going under water when the only source of light is your torch. There are different procedures. We learned them first in theory to put them into practice afterwards. And I’d been waiting for that moment so much.

We were to dive twice in the same place. For the first time – to practice navigation. The second one – just for the pleasure of getting to know the underwater world. The sun accomapanied us to our place of destination. We dived in the ocean in the same time.

We saw one another when we were going down, but after a few moments our torches became indispensable.

Those who have never tried diving will find it difficult to imagine the impressions. Swimming in the complete darkness (to see phosphorescent organisms and to prove how courageous we are), fish coming out of the blue, a giant lobster moving at a surprising speed, the joy of seeing the light of our boat above, the joy of completing the course and having the chance of being together with people who share the same passion…

All those seem to be simple joys, but they give perspective to other things we normally do. It’s about discovering the world which exists without our knowledge and experiencing the beauty that not everybody can see. Just as the family life, which has its depth, but to see it you need to go deep. You need to take the equipment which seems so heavy on the water surface, but it lets you see the things you could not see without it at the depth. “Launch out into deep water” – is an invitation for every family. On the surface there are the waves, the endless space of the ocean, but when you go deep, you’ll see the reality teeming with life.

And this is what I would like to wish you all. Even if you are not divers, open your eyes to the riches at the depth of each of you.

With prayer from the depth

Fr Jay

PS. You can pray with rosary under water, too. I’ve tried.

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