Naaman the Syrian

March 8, 2021 3:00 am

“Again, there were many lepers in Israel during the time of Elisha the prophet; yet not one of them was cleansed, but only Naaman the Syrian.” (LK 4: 27)

We have our own expectations about God’s help and God’s interventions. We might think that God’s support should go first to our family, our friends, and definitely to our Church. We know that Catholics are not the only people in this world, but definitely, they must be the best and favorite of God. God’s grace, of course, can also go to non-catholics, but after and when we have more graces than we can use.

If God favored this pagan, maybe we also should be more concerned to support our neighbors who are not catholic or even not believers?  

“I hope in the LORD, I trust in his word; with him, there is kindness and plenteous redemption.” (Verse before the Gospel)

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