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March 17, 2012 9:24 pm

If Captain J* had a built-in tachometer, it would show the value surpassing what an average employee of an international transportation company could be proud of. But it’s not about the records. It’s about what’s left in the places he’s travelled to.

Today, after he lectured and stayed with the families in Wrocław (Poland), we could all cover with fine print a volume the size of a telephone directory. I’d like to recall just one comparison that has stayed with me for years now and comes to me each time I turn the computer on. When the programs show they’re ready to work one by one, I remember that Fr Jay compared that moment to the process of realizing – each morning – who I am. So, in the first place: God’s child. A woman. A wfie. A  mother. A daughetr. A teacher. A  friend. I can define my identity in relation to the One who has called me by name, and then – in relation to Improtant People.

Some roles are fairly easy to assume, the other ones – require more effort. When you remember that you can only do well the things you love doing, it would be great if you could develop some passion in those most important areas of life. You don’t love doing the things you come out mediocre in or which leave you with the sense of incompetence. In anticipation of potential failure, the instinct prompts to escape.

That’s why we’re very grateful to our friends who encouraged us to take part in workshop on bringing up the children just when me and my husband started experiencing a heavy deafeat in that field. When we acquire new skills, we feel more confident as parents. We find more joy in the role of parents when we don’t feel like children lost in the fog in that subject.

In short, let’s take advantage of available updates to our life roles. So that we may give a creative and passionate performance.


*Captain J = Fr Jarosław Szymczak

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