It's so good to count the days

December 4, 2012 9:56 pm

It’s so good that MaÅ‚gosia has counted how many days of Advent we have. Right away we get some motivation. It is not the WHOLE Advent but only 22 days that pass so quickly. It is a bit like on a marathon: you notice first the first ten, then you count the kilometres to the first half, then 30 km, and then you start how much is left until the end. Only 12, 11, 10…

We all know how fast the days fly away. So it’s worth making each of them special by making my resolution. Whatever it is, the aim is always not my “perfection” but the joy of others. What do I care for a big resolution if I haven’t brought any joy to those around me? In Szczecinek on Sunday we finished the programme I+You=We. It was so good to see those wives and husbands who during the Holy Mass at the end looked at one another with so much tenderness and smile. Let this Advent bring the most beautiful smiles to our near and dear.

With a smile for you, my beloved

Fr Jay 🙂

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