Help without the contract with a sickness fund

July 5, 2013 8:15 pm

“It is not the healthy who need a doctor, but the sick”. (Matthew 9:12b)

Retreat is the time when we show our wounds to God. First you think that you need to arrive combed and well clad so as to make a good impression on Him. Sometimes you can also come very worried, feeling that you don’t fulfil the expectations.

But for God it is important that you are accepted regardless of what you are like. And that you are so long awaited in father’s house not because of what you can offer but to be offered. To be assured that you are loved and to be healed because in today’s Gospel He says about Himself that He’s a doctor.

He is an exceptional doctor. When He exposes the sore and wounded places He does not humiliate the patient but does it very gently. Sometimes everything is dried up, sometimes the wounds rankle and sometimes the patient has lost hope for a good prognosis. It’s good because we can finally let the Specialist take care of us. He is a patient doctor who has time. There is no queue in the waiting room and He knows the whole medical history, all the injuries and wounds. And He know the best cure.

We call Him through our sufering, limitations and sin that He can touch with His love. The first contact aid.



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