Hello from Brasil

April 23, 2013 7:45 pm

“Be fruitful and multiply!”. How many people today are willing to take this commandment seriously? Well… we are!

I would like to unite in joy and prayer with all my brothers and sisters from Poland and throughout the world.

My name is Tatiana de Melo and I have just returned from the United States where I was taking Educational Phase II in the process of becoming a FetilityCare Practioner of the Creighton Model System. Getting to know this incredible Natural Family Planning method was a true blessing. It has already changed for better my life, my marriage and is about to change so many people’s lives too.

I had the honor to meet Mikal Godziev and father Jay (well you write your names correctly in Polish) and we were very happy for being able to help a little spread the culture of life in our homelands.

We have great challenges ahead of us but assisted by God’s Grace nothing can stop us!


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