Farewell to the ocean

August 9, 2012 12:15 am

– the two last dives early this morning. The first one included visiting our Lord Jesus, whose statue is located next to one of the most beautiful Key Largo coral reefs. You can see the sculpture here.

As my course mates were not with me this time, I had to find myself a buddy to dive with. Another diver had the same problem, so we made a good match. We started from seeing the statue, and then went on to admire the reef life.

It was first time ever I’d seen a turtle under the water. It moved with an awesome elegance and speed, which was surprising when you bear in mind its proverbial pace. We accompanied the turtle for a while, to be left behind quite soon. Then the meeting with a shark – amazing as usual. It let us swim quite close, unlike a barracude which showed clearly we had invaded her comfort zone. We were swimming for some time surrounded by a shoal od fish, feeling we were tolerated, but still alien to their world.

It was a beautiful farewell.

But it was also interesting to experience how we – the participants of that excursion – changed. When we got on the boat, we greeted one another, as the Americans do. It was quite different after we finished diving. We engaged into an emotional exchange of impressions, hearing also the voices of a real “divers’ envy” – that we’d seen a turtle and a shark, and they had not. Some divers approached us to say “thank you” for showing them the way to the statue, which they could not find themselves. Well, you are a priest also under the water.

Passion brings people together, common experiences are vital for your unity. So you need a common ground. Now it’s time of vacation. It’s good to do something together: only a husband and a wife. For yourselves. To feel one.

Keeping you in my memory and prayer,

Fr Jay


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