Dear Friends,

December 4, 2014 7:03 pm

It’s been one year since you started receiving my short homilies.

I strongly believe that Our Lord’s Word answers all our questions and needs. It’s been a beautiful experience for me to share with you my reflections based on the Daily Readings. I usually wrote them very early in the morning, but sometimes, in a very busy schedule, I needed to stay up very late (once I spent almost 5 hours trying to finish a homily, fighting with sleep). Sometimes I had to come up with a piece two or three days in advance, but generally it was always the best time I had. What I did was meditating and asking for the words for you, my dear Brothers and Sisters, my spiritual children.

I also wanted the homilies to be part of assistance after Program I+YOU=WE for the Love and Life Programs participants: a word of inspiration for your marriage–to help you follow your vocation of a spouse and make the best of it.

I would like to say a very special “thank you” to people who have been helping me and are invisible:

to Carol–a former teacher of academic writing–for sharing her outstanding proofreading talents with us, her availability and prayers,
to Margaret–our Editor-in-Chief–for her dedication, edition, publication and beautiful pictures on Facebook, which make the homilies more understandable (one picture is worth 1000 words),

to Majo – our translator in Spanish, and to Beatriz – our great supporter in Latinamerica (and from time to time – also translator),

to Agnieszka Buczkowska, who used to translate the blog post together with Margaret before my wiritng in English here began one year ago

and to you my dear Readers, for support, encouraging comments and friendship.
with blessing
Fr. Jay


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