Corpus Christi

May 30, 2013 8:33 pm

Although He is hidden deeply in the form of bread, we surround it with our care and we show Him reverence, inviting Him to visit our streets. We take our most beautiful monstrances, flags, pillows, feretrums, we throw Him flowers…

We remember that everywhere that He came, people were healed, He stiated their hunger and spread the Good News about themselves, about the love of the Father to each of us, about our wonderful future and the place in Heaven that He prepared for us.

During the procession I like looking at the families, preferably through the monstrance. Just like it’s impossible to look at the sun without a glass that is a colourful filter, so we must look at marriage and family through the Eucharist. In that way marriage shows all its dignity, purity, potential, mission and the warmth of human ove that can embrace all aspects of life, from changing a nappy too looking with love into the eyes of the spouse.

Although we may follow Him in different places, He will always be the same. Yesterday and today, the same for ever and ever.

Remembering about you

Father Jarosław

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