American Academy FertiltyCare Professionals annual meeting in Salt Lake City…

July 15, 2012 8:03 am

… is coming to an end. Even though it is the American Academy, the meeting has gathered people from outside America, too: Mexico, Canada, England, Ireland, Spain, Poland. Here they find the opportunity to extend their knowledge, consult in person the best specialists in the field of infertility treatment, share the joy of success and refresh friendships. Each of the participants experiences similar ups and downs; in their cities they often have to act in total isolation. They can talk about it here, find understanding and get insightful hints from the others.

The Canadian-Dutch friend that I meet at breakfast – and it is difficult for us to finish our conversations – has travelled here with his wife who takes part in the meeting. He and several other men who accompany their wives. But also the wives accompany their husbands. They take it as a chance to get to know each other better and to see why their life companions attach such great significance to their service. Because it happens all too often that spouses do not understand why their husband or wife she is so committed to their work.

Maybe you could use the time you spend together on holiday also to talk about your achievements and life’s passions. That’s what I wish to all of you.

Fr. Jay z SLC


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