After Programme 1

March 10, 2013 10:57 pm

As always, what’s most important is the joy that in spite of all the difficulties, obstacles and severe time constraints we have managed to carry out te Programme. A big thank you to the people who took care of the children. It was certainly helpful that they had experienced a change in their relationship and now they know how important it is to have time for themselves only during the Programme.

It seems that the children also know it somehow because they spend bravely thee time without their parents, only the youngest ones want to spend some time with them once in a while.

This time, although the Programme takes place in Brussels, only Karolina and Tadeusz can go out to explore the city at night and only for a short time. There’s no time. So we just keep on promising ourselves that perhaps next time it will be a bit longer and perhaps we’ll  see something more. For the time being we must be happy with the promises.
Winter has come back to Brussels. It’s good because the participants need some long winter evenings to finish their reading and finish off their marriage hours. For it’s a bit worse because we don’t know what to expect on our way to the airport, which is – as is usually the case with cheap flights – some distance from the city.

Thank you very much, our friends, graduates and people waiting for the Programmes, for your kind comments and prayers. You have also earned our success.

See you on the way to a better version of ourselves so that others are happier with us. It’s worth believing Love.

Always yours

Fr. Jay (slowly coming back to the Polish Father Jaroslaw)

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