A day of rest

March 7, 2013 11:15 am

Between the busy time in England, Scotland and Brussels – today I have time for sightiseeing. Thanks to the kindness of a Polish family who has lived here for 6 years I was able to set off to visit Edinbourgh and St. Andrews.

Unusual cities and extraordinary architecture. Especially St Andrews – university town with so many students. I walk along the narrow streets, passing by plenty of young people. Despite the strong wind and the bitter chill, the whole town gives the impression of warmth.

Uliczka w St Andrews

I walk to the sea shore. On the other side of the water – Denmark and Norway. From the bay you can see the North Sea. But if I strained my eyes, I could probably also see as far as the Wolin Island*.


Tomorrow I’ll be travelling to Brussels via London. I needed that quiet day.

Ruiny Katedry w St Andrew's

With the memory of you in my heart,

Your – still Scottish – correspondent

Fr. Jay


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