For Fiancés

Our weekend Program addresses the following questions:

  • What do we need marriage for?
  • Do we know each other?
  • Do I love you?
  • Is that you?
  • Marriage – and what next?
  • Why do we need God?
  • Living by the grace of the Sacrament of Marriage

Gaudium et Spes – Joy and Hope

“Gaudium et Spes” Program is a modern form of a marriage preparation course.

We’d like to offer you a weekend course, which is then followed up by online learning – because good preparation for marriage requires time.

“Gaudium et Spes” Program is under the patronage of The Pastoral Family Care of Warsaw Archdiocese and accepted as one of its obligatory courses. At the end of the Program, each participant obtains a certificate of the completion of marriage preparation course, which is obligatory for the couples wishing to marry in the Roman Catholic Church.

The Program objectives are:

  • to prapare the couple for future work on their relationship in the period of both their engagement and marriage
  • to enable the discovery of the actual power of the Sacrament of Marriage and Wedding Vows
  • to provide the couple with support in making a responsible decision about getting married
It was more then we expected. The sessions were not about moralizing or presenting boring lectures. They included lots of fun and play. We've learned many interesting things about each other, though we thought we'd known everytjing already before. I would recommend it to every couple.
Participant from Poland