You see what you know

July 28, 2013 9:48 pm

Art historians sometimes say ‘ A ceiling in a cathedral can have many names but you have to know them to actually spot them’. We know the phenomenon of “pandemic of pregnancies” when the watching woman is pregnant herself or the fact that we suddenly see more cars of a particular make when we have bought one ourselves. On running paths the runners greet each other because they know how much effort it takes.

When I go to the seaside and back I meet so many married couples and families. One can see so much in their faces and in their way of walking and communicating. All too often these ways leave a lot to be desired. But in such moments one can ask for support for them, even in a shortest prayer. A kind comment can lighten up their faces. Even in this simple way we can spread the family-friendly world.

From the end of the following retreat

Father Jarosław always joyful 🙂


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