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December 30, 2013 11:02 am

“…they returned to … their own town…” (Lk 2:39)

My own town, my home. These words are very special for people who travel a lot. Or are on a one-year trip abroad. Here, in Mexico, I have slept in twelve places. And it is not the end.

I like the idea that the Holy Family called one place in the world – “their own town”.

It sounds very similar to our families from Wrocław, Poland, always proud of their City – “in our city…”

And I think that the Holy Family is very close to anybody who is alone. Because they know how important it is to have one’s own place, own town. They spent some time as refugees, they were emigrants, so they understand perfectly anybody who is alone, not in his or her “own town”, who is coming back to a rented room or apartment, where no one is waiting for them.

From the moment when the Holy Family found “their own town”, no one is alone, no one is without a family, no one is forgotten. Because … “the Son of man came to save that which was lost.” (Mt 18:11). And the best idea with the “lost” is to bring them back to the family, remind them – you belong, you are a part of us. This is that kind of message, which should be repeated all over again to our kids:  I love you, you are our beloved daughter/son, I am so proud of you, etc…

When we have more people with “their own town”, there will be less broken hearts, wounded by people who used us as a hotel for one night.

If you will feel homeless at your place, where nobody takes care of you, immediately visit the Holy Family home, feel the atmosphere where you are loved and always welcomed, and go back to your home knowing how to share your love with the others. Simply “return to your own town”.

With a special prayer for all of you who are in need.

Fr. Jay

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