World Congress of Families in Madrid

May 25, 2012 9:27 am

An unusual organization. It organizes congresses in many countries worldwide, for thousands of people. And it began with the idea of just one man –  Allana Carlsona.

Today there’s just one manager, Larry Jacobs, and the meetings, which used to be held once in several years, have now become much more frequent. Their regional editions (London, Nigeria, Latvia and Moscow) inspire other cities to join in the idea, and they become cyclical, too.

There was Prague, Geneva, Mexico, Warsaw, Amsterdam, today Madrid, next year – Syndey, then – Moscow…

This is possible because the idea gathers all those who care in their hearts for the good of the family. All those congresses rely on the work of volunteers from many organizations.

So today it begins. Almost 3000 participants have registered. Among them, there will be the leaders of organizations assisting families, researchers, activists, politicians and members of parliament. All coming together to share ideas and plan strategies. People from various countries and cultures having one thing in common – the concern for the family in contemporary world.

Without the family there is no future for the world – nor for the Church. Every effort we make to help the family become who they really are – is building the future for us.

You are not in Madrid today. But you have your own family or some families near you. Join us and do something tangible. We can change the world together.

Fr. Jay


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