Who needs Saint Nicolas?

December 6, 2012 10:03 pm

It is children who wait for Him most. It’s obvious, after all he always brings what they dream about at the moment. So children ask for teddy bears, computers, skis and sweets. He was always attentive to people’s needs- and he helped. In a special, very discreet way,  secretly.

Saint Nicholas is unique because he is attentive not only to children’s needs, We, adults, can also ask him for many things. He will ask on our behalf. He listens to our needs, as well. If he cares for the requests of children, he is not indifferent to ours, neither.

And if we, adults, help Saint Nicholas to fulfil the dreams of our children, as much as we can, how much more our Father will help him to fulfil our needs.

And what’s most beautiful is that he hasn’t patented his way of doing and he lets us copy his best practices.

Mikołaj 2010To bring joy to the others in a discrete fashion – and here we not only mean just buying material gifts but also a good word, some kindness. If we give in this way, we receive at the same time, and this is a true miracle, a double one.


[On the photo we can see Dosia’s husband in the role we all know well 😉  – Note from the Editors]


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