Who is here

September 13, 2012 2:20 pm

When I talk to the Program participants, I’m amazed by the wide array of their jobs and activities. Yesterday you could read a post penned by our Michael, a husband and father, working as a vet, but I’ve met here also a geologist, microbiologist, primary and secondary school teachers, wives and mothers, midwives, nurses, the graduates of our Department for Studies on the Family, and many, many others. Not to mention the doctors of various specializations.

There’s an extraordinary diversity of potential of people who share the same wish to help the others.

The Program is very difficult. It demands a lot of work for now, but also for the whole year. The final exam will be held in November next year, but even then probably not everyone will be ready to take it. The effort have to make results from the weight of their future responsibility: their assistance should be most substantial and professional.

I look at them from behind the altar with so much admiration and respect. And as I did every day, also today I am asking you to offer your prayer for them.

Your Chaplain


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