When you can't say anything,

July 3, 2012 7:04 am

because you don’t know what to say or it’s impossible to say anything for any other reason, you can always express the most important message by your smile.

St Ursula Ledóchowska told her sisters to use that simplest kind of apostolate: “I’m teaching you a new kind of apostolate, which does not demand huge work, great mortifications and hardship, but which is – especially these days – very desired, necessary and effective, that is – the apostolate of smile.”

How good it is to smile to a child and its mum, to an elderly lady you pass by while taking a walk, when you see your husband getting back from work, or your wife, who – busy doing things – may feel your sight on her. And now you can simply smile to check how great it feels on your cheeks. And it’s worth to infect the others with your smile. At home, at work, in the street and on the journey.


Fr Jay

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