What has changed?

April 8, 2012 5:00 am

We’ve been waiting for this day for the whole Lent. And the Holy Triduum. And here it is. We look at one another with a timid curiosity. What’s changed?

We’re dressed up for the occasion, our tables take on a festive look and there are so many dishes that it’s difficult not to notice Easter has come at last. We may already be at our relatives’ place, or we’ll visit them very soon.

What else has changed?

Oh, I went to a confession, to be able to enter the experience of Passover with a purified heart.

What else has changed?

Oh yes. I can end my fasting, my challenging resolutions. At last.

What else has changed?

How about the inside? The thing I’m hiding within, because how am I supposed to utter the truth which is beyond my capabilities of expression – that God almighty gave His life for me, so that I may have life, and have it to the full? That’s why the tables are full of food, the clothes are smart, our fasting comes to an end, the whole creation rejoices, because we’ve got our life back, our life makes sense. I am loved. Despite everything that my body, devil and the world speak to me (or in the real life: my husband, wife, children, parents, teachers, colleagues, my interior monologue, the mirror, …).

God proved it in a most inhuman way, to make sure I get the message of who I am and how much He loves me.

That’s why I can’t just sit around at home. I must visit my loved ones. I must share my happiness with them. I’ll share this happiness by sharing the egg, meat, bread, pies and tarts (here you can mention your local specialties…;).

I wish so much I could visit you all, and look each of you in the eyes, hug you and say: it’s so good you are there. And I know how very important you are. He told me about you on Thursday night in the chapel, and during the Good Friday service, and on Saturday morning when I prayed at His tomb, and during the NIGHT OF HIS RESURRECTION. And today I’ve been on the car since the morning. Because I have to tell you this all in person. So see you soon at your place. In the joy of the Resurrected Christ.

Fr. Jay

PS. Thank you for coming to see me on Holy Thursday. All of you. With HIM everything is possible.


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