We have problems with communication

June 22, 2012 11:49 am

– worried several individuals and couples who visited me recently.

And experts on communication say: it is impossible “not to communicate.” People communicate things all the time. So where are those problems?

Is it so difficult to communicate: I love you, you are so beautiful, I like to be with you, I have to hold you close and take some of your courage and strength, I love listening to your voice, I fell in love with your eyes the first time I saw them and I’m so happy they are looking at ME with love… (you could continue for a looooooong time, for sure)?

Don’t the problems with communication arise, becasue we choose rather: He hasn’t said any good word to me for ages, when will I get his “thank you?”, he treats me like air, I’m only a money-making machine and an issue-solving robot, she wants something from me again, I’d like some peace and quiet… (you could continue for a looooooong time, for sure)?

And maybe you could start your communication adventure with repeating aloud: “Till death do us part”? From this perspective it may be easier to communicate what’s essential.

Fr. Jay

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