we are beautiful

May 10, 2012 9:44 am

In the mood of serenity, I’m completing a puzzle with my daughter (500 pieces). Even though the emerging picture presents us with fauna and flora, I get the picture of a community (family, Church…).

Because each piece of the puzzle is different. What a rich diversity of shapes! And, at the same time, they’re all equal – none of them is more important than the others. Each has its own place, predefined and anticipated. And only when they’re all in place – the picture makes sense. When only one is missing – there’s an ugly hole.

I like this consciousness that I’m part of some entity. That Someone chose a special place and task for me, and gave me the environment of particular people – not anyone else, but them. Nothing happens by accident. Together we may create a wonderful picture.

And yet, at some point, the puzzle-related analogies become entirely useless. Becasue each of us alone (unlike a piece of the puzzle, which means nothing in isolation) also means so tremendously much! Each of us, even when we get lost somewhere, is of a priceless value, as we’ve been created “in the likeness” of God Himslef! (Genesis 1:27-5:1)

We are beautiful with your beauty, Lord!

Open our eyes to Your beauty within us!



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