We all are Rangers

May 14, 2012 10:24 am

One year I took a group of young adults on a hiking camp in the Bieszczady Mountains.  All of them – hungry for adventure, fit, ready get over the whole mountain range. It turned out, however, that there were various kinds of Rangers.

The first group included the Power Rangers. They ran, not walked, along the trail. They were first on the mountain tops, first at the stopping places, first – back at home.

The second group consisted of the Power & Romantic Rangers. They walked fast, but – contrary to group one – they were able to stop and enjoy the scenery, admire some rare plant specimen or a rock formation.

The third group was Romantic Rangers. Their all activity was enjoyment and admiration. It was difficult to get them to move on. Born contemplators.

During that expedition I had to be everywhere. I had to catch up with the Power Rangers, to rush the Romantics at the back, and on the run between both – to stop for a while with those in the middle.

Last Saturday I was canoeing with the members of Chojnice Holy Family Center down the Brda River. I wasn’t the boss, then. I was part of the crew.

And I could be a Ranger myself. And a Romantic one as well.

I wish you all a beautiful week. And remember: we all are Rangers. 😉

Fr. Jay


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