WCF VI, Madrid, last day

May 28, 2012 8:12 am

Yesterday the day enden even later than the day before, which means: very early in the morning. ;(

Nobody wanted to say goodbye. After all, the next congress will be held no sooner than May 15, 2013. Will we manage to see one another again? With each year those congress meetings become some sort of “unfinished conversations” which keep us all waiting for their ending in eternity. This congress has just been over.

So it’s time for the wrap-up. Even in dry facts. 3000 registered participants. 7000 visits to the website which streamed all the plenary sessions live, 125 speakers from 69 countries, 16 panel sessions, 300 volunteers, 18 trnaslators, 45 exhibition stands, 150 acredited journalists, 6 tv programmes broadcasted from the Congress Auditorium, 12 cultural events (he show of the film “Cristiada”, frist time in Europe), 90 members of parliament from 22 countries. Even when you do not add any colours to this description, it looks as if we had a very serious congress. And so it was.

The organizers managed to invite the people who knew what they were talking about, though the extremely strict time limits left us longing for more. Which was very good, because it’s better to be left unsatisifed than satiated.

Conlcusions? Do what you do the best you can. If you only can, become an expert in your field. Then, when you get 10 minutes to speak, you will not waste it on telling people how they should do the things you do, but you will inspire them so that they will want good things for the others – the same way you do. Or.. They will invite you to their place and will give you as much time as you need to do for them the things your best at.

So: what are you good at? What would you like to be known for? 🙂

Fr. Jay

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