trust in action

July 1, 2012 6:57 am

I know well that you watch over those who place their every hope in You (…) That’s why I have resolved to live from now on without fear, and offer to You all my cares and all my sorrows.

The author of that “Prayer of Trust” was St Claude de la Colombierre, spiritual father and friend of St Margaret Mary Alacoque. I’m recalling those words and before the new day begins, I’m trying to see the lessons learnt from the day that ends: my telling the Lord that I trust Him may be so far away from practice of everyday life.

Because to trust – means to admit to failure and ask for help in the right moment. To trust is to be able to change plans, when situation requires, since it’s there, in the unpredictable “Emergency Plan” i will meet Him. Trust means to let the other person disturb me, when they want something from me at the “wrong time”. To lose something. To swallow up disappointment.

So being careless in the Christian sense is not all that easy. “The adult” in us still believes he/she knows better and is able to handle things on their own. It’s only “the child” who relies on the Father, because His love is endless… and He know so much more. He never hurts. And is very patient explaining life to His child.


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