Travelling again

August 6, 2013 8:26 pm

Yesterday’s journey began at 1.50 pm and finished at 4 a.m. and all went well thanks only to the assistance of friends from the Poznan group. First Zosia and Ryszard and then Mariusz, who took us by car to Łomianki so that I could be on time for my flight. There was not much time for sleep byt today the journey continues and perhaps I’ll be able to sleep.

This time I’m going for the meeting of  FertilityCare Centers International – an organisation that coordinates all world activities related to NaProTechnology. Apart from the creator of this method, doctor  T. Hilgers, there are there the representatives of all the continents and some more people who form together the Board of Directors. The meeting take place oonce in a year and is very intensive. And just afterwards there is the meeting of the American Association for FertilityCare Profesionals. Everything comes to an end on Sunday. And I come back immediately after that. The meeting this year seems to be particularly important bacause new centres appear that require particular attention. A lot will be happening and I will keep you informed about everything.

Now the flight to New York, then several hours’ waiting for the next flight to New Orleans (although this is the US, there is very European and French atmosphere there). I ask my Guardian Angel to take care of me and lead me there.

I remember you fondly

Father Jarosław

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