Today I ran to visit good freinds of mine…

November 8, 2012 10:53 am

because if your friends live a bit further, you can always make a running trip instead of using your car. In a real downpour of rain I got soaked to the skin, so my visit might have been a bit troublesome for my Hosts, who had to do something with all the water dripping down from me. 😉

In order to find their place, I needed to choose the right street joining the main road – and it took some of my running time. It turned out that the names of the streets hadn’t been placed at the street entries, but often on a house standing dozens of meters further. So I had to run into each of the adjacent streets to see if it was the right one.

That’s how it goes in our lives: how often do we eneter the streets which are no good and we have to get back immediately. I gave names to the streets I want to walk along: Gentleness, Respect, Being a Gift...

If can’t find one of those names on the path that I take, I have to make a hasty escape, I must get back to myself quickly becasue… that is not my path.

Fr Jay

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