till then I wasn't alive, I longed for you like the love sick moon pulls the tide

December 3, 2012 9:52 pm

... but just say the word. (Matthew 8:8)

22 days of Advent. What can we do in such a short time? It is as if we found out that guests were coming and everything’s in a complete mess and the fridge is empty.

So perhaps we should switch off all those things that distract us, all those illusory neons and trinkets that deceive this true hunger for love in us. At first it will get dark but later the light will come. And in this light we’ll see how close He is and we will see all those who are entrusted to us and also hungry for love.

But still we can be late. So we need to give priority to the expected Guest: open ourselves to the grace so that He can prepare a place that is adequate to His desire.

And trust Him. That He’s gonna come. Even if everything in us says that it just won’t work, that He’ll find a better place, that it’s not for me.

It is also His Advent. He’s already waiting.



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