ties of blood

March 29, 2013 5:22 pm

On the cross He utters so few words, but He speaks with His entire self.

He says that every human being is valuable, that every person with no exception matters for Him.

That is the last way to say it to those who do not believe in any words of reassurance. Because maybe so much has happened in their lives.

For several years of His mission – He did His best to tell people about His Father’s love. He didn’t get much sleep, had no place of His own, looked for those who got lost and they looked for Him; He healed, forgave and defended. He showed the way leading to the fullness of life.

His final declaration of love is total, He opens himself entirely. To tell you about His love – He becomes defenseless. He takes your burden and lets the others hurt Him so much. When –  stripped of all dignity and rejected – He tells His Father about His loneliness, it seems He has no more faith or hope, and the message of His sacrifice is just limitless, “illogical” love.

For the Father. For you. So that you could accept Him. Believe Him. Let Him become the part of your life.



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